piątek, 2 lipca 2021

Birds' migration in Stróża


On 21st June our Polish team took bikes, wore fancy vests and went on a trip around 

Stróża and nearby villages in searching for birds nests. 

We found swallows that had made their nests in a local car wash, more specifically under the roof of it. :) 

Just look at this: 


Later we set off to look for storks' nests, we have two in our neighbourhood. 

We couldn't resist taking a photo in our Polish 'Hollywood'  :D 

We had a stop by the shop to eat tasty ice - cream and then we visited storks family. 

Unfortunately baby storks got scared and hid in the nest :(

Our trip was finished with a bonfire and grilled sausages. It was a wonderful day !

Video conference titled 'Birds' migration'

 On 8th June took place a video conference titled 'Birds' migration'. All partners took part in that event and presented very interesting facts about birds' migration. 

We got to know what species migrate, why do birds migrate, how do they prepare for migrations, what are the migration routes and how do birds know where to fly :)

Here are some birds that migrate:  white and black storks, swallows, common starlings, cuckoos, quails, brown - headed ducks. 

Each country prepared well - thought presentations and colourful posters. 

sobota, 10 kwietnia 2021

Sowing pine seeds

How to sow pine seeds? Here's the instructions made by our French partner. In order to do that, they used seeds sent by Portugal team in a 'Five boats' activity.          


wtorek, 6 kwietnia 2021

Making of a ship PL team :)


Bird migration in Rieux-minervois

Our Erasmus group "To horizon and beyond" took part in an outing on bird migration 

around Rieux on Thursday 1 April 2021.

Equipped with pairs of binoculars, lent by the LPO 

(Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux),

the pupils walked through the town and along the banks of the Argent Double 

to observe and recognise the birds. About twenty species were at the end of their spyglass!

At the same time, with their noses in the air, they located the swallows' nests hanging 

on the walls.

In the afternoon, they took part in a role-playing game on bird migration. A map drawn

on the floor. Pupils "migrating birds", "hunters", "observers", "ringers". 

Challenges awaited everyone:

capricious weather, shots from a seasoned hunter, the lights of cities, 

hills to cross and the sea to cross on the way there and back.

What students said: "We learned a lot about migration while playing! "It was good! "

The pupils are ready to welcome our partners in October 2021 

and make them discover bird migration.

Thank you to Céline Luciano, LPO facilitator, for accompanying and guiding us during 

this day.

Bénédicte Tisseyre-Bopp, pour le groupe Erasmus France

Mountain biking through the Rieux-Minervois countryside

Our Erasmus group "To horizon and beyond" took part in a mountain bike trip 

around Rieux on 26 March 2021.

Riding on VTCs (Vélo Tous Chemins), the students meandered through the countryside

between vineyards, pine forests and scrubland.

If, for some cycling is a child's play, for others it was a discovery.

Technical discoveries with a bike with 3 chainrings and 6 sprockets (cassette).

At what height do I put my saddle? How do I adjust my helmet? 

Which chainring to choose?

Discovering how to ride in a group. When do I brake to avoid my friend? 

At what speed do I move to avoid being left behind or to avoid the others.

Discovering the effort. How do I make my effort when climbing? 

When do I pedal when I pass a stream filled with water? How do I move in a single?

Discovering sensations. Juggling with the holes in the vineyard paths, the stones, 

or the small turns in the single. Feeling the wind on your cheeks and hands. 

Small joys when the summit is reached. Great joy on the descents. 

Sharing moments of good humour and mutual support with friends.

The pupils are ready for the next outing, if the health crisis allows it....

Thanks to Mr Gieules for supervising the group.

Bénédicte Tisseyre-Bopp, pour le groupe Erasmus France

wtorek, 9 lutego 2021

Five Boats Activity

 Five boats on the way!

Due to pandemy a new activtity has been created. 

Each partner will send by post a model of a boat loaded with 4 packets of seeds.

Then, the school collects a bag of seeds and send forward the package to another school.  Each school sows the seeds in a special place.

Here are destinations:

Destination 1 France - Italy - Romania -  Poland - Portugal - France
Destination 2 Italy - Romania - Poland - Portugal -France - Italy
Destination 3 Romania - Poland - Portugal - France - Italy - Romania
Destination 4 Poland - Portugal - France - Italy - Romania - Poland
Destination 5 Portugal -France - Italy - Romania - Poland - Portugal

Here are some photos of delivered boats:

                                                               France -> Italy

                                                         Poland -> Portugal

Portugal --> France