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LTT in Targu Bujor, Romania

On 6th June - 10th June 2022 an LTT was held in Targu Bujor in Romania. 

Here is a travel diary made of memories of Polish students that took part in this LTT. 

5th June, Sunday

We set off from Stróża at 8:30. We went through Slovakia, Hungary and we stopped in Turda for a night. It was a long day on the way.

6th June, Monday

Our Day started with breakfast at the hotel canteen, it was delicious. And the whole hotel - what an amazing place!!!
Then, we jumped to the bus and started second day of our excursion. On the way to Targu Bujor we saw lots of picturesque places.
When we got to Targu Bujor we visited school and had a little meet - and - greet party.

Olek Jedut

7th June, Tuesday
Our day started with big breakfast, then we went to school. At first they showed us around the school. Then we went to restaurant and ate traditional food. After that they showed us some traditional dances and songs. Then we had free time so they showed us the city, after that we went to another restaurant and ate pizza and ice cream. Later everybody went home.

Gabriela Płonka

8th June, Wednesday

Today was very exciting. Our day started with trip to Iasi. There, we were sightseeing a Palace of Culture. Then, we went to the shopping mall and ate there. We bought some souvenirs. After that, we went to the Botanical Garden - Teiul Lui Eminescu. We saw lots of wonderful views and many plants. At 9 p.m. we went back to our homes.

Kacper Kulina

9th June, Thursday
This morning we went to Braila on the Danube cruise. We got there at around 11 o'clock and we all enjoyed the cruise. Then we went to eat at a restaurant. The food was great. Later we traveled to Galiti to visit the natural science complex. All animals and precious stones were amazing. The day ended after we arrived in Targu Bujor at around 6 p.m.
Maciej Gejzak

10th June, Friday 

On our last day we wrote in our travel diaries and got special certificates. 


sobota, 7 maja 2022

LTT in Stróża, Poland


Our project face many adversities, first pandemy and recently war in Ukraine. 

Despite this, Stróża organized  LTT that was held from 25 - 29th April 2022 

and welcomed students and teachers from Romania. 

At the beginning each participant received a gift. 


Students made a telescope and kaleidoscope with Mrs. Jadnuła.

Then, we had a music lesson with Mr.Wierzchowiak.  

We sang shanties - the songs originally sang by sailors.

Maybe Magellan also could sing? 

After lunch students wrote in their travel diaries. 

The day ended with making of apple pies with Mrs. Myszak :) 


Geography lesson about Magellan and his voyage conducted by Mrs. Ciupak.

Spices brought by Magellan. 

Five ships

Doing experiments. Making a compass. 

Kahoot quiz about Magellan. 

The winners of Kahoot quiz about Magellan. 

In the evening the project's group went to observatory in nearby town Urzędów. 

We saw fossils, minerals, meteorites and a huge telescope. 

Unfourtunately, we couldn't see the stars because it was too cloudy. 

Nevertheless, we had a great fun. 

At the museum...

Planetarium "Aries"

We had a bonfire...


A trip to Kazimierz Dolny

First we did sightseeing in eco - cars

We stopped by to see the longest river in Poland - Vistula.

The weather was perfect :)

Visit in a loess ravine "Korzeniowy Dół"

Cruise on Vistula river


Last day students wrote in their diaries and were given certificates of attendence. 

TIME to say goodbye ....