wtorek, 9 lutego 2021

Five Boats Activity

 Five boats on the way!

Due to pandemy a new activtity has been created. 

Each partner will send by post a model of a boat loaded with 4 packets of seeds.

Then, the school collects a bag of seeds and send forward the package to another school.  Each school sows the seeds in a special place.

Here are destinations:

Destination 1 France - Italy - Romania -  Poland - Portugal - France
Destination 2 Italy - Romania - Poland - Portugal -France - Italy
Destination 3 Romania - Poland - Portugal - France - Italy - Romania
Destination 4 Poland - Portugal - France - Italy - Romania - Poland
Destination 5 Portugal -France - Italy - Romania - Poland - Portugal

Here are some photos of delivered boats:

                                                         Poland -> Portugal

Portugal --> France

wtorek, 3 listopada 2020

Erasmus Days 15 - 17th October 2020


This year our schools prepared some events to celebrate Erasmus Days. 

There were conferences under the title of "Five boats on the horizon".  

We listened to stories about voyages of two French students :

Valentin, on the traces of the paleontologists during his world tour in 2019-2020

Mickaël, a little Man in the big Apple : presentation of a trip in New-York in 2016

Here's a presentation of a Romanian Sailor, 

who presented us his profession.

We also watched a dance performance of students from Lisboa. 

The performance was based on Fado music.

One of our tasks during Erasmus Days was to prepare boats, that will be sent to partner countries.

Here are French students preparing gardens for the seeds that will "sail" in the boats. 

wtorek, 22 września 2020

Project during pandemy

How we run our project during pandemy? 

We're not saying it's easy however, it isn't mission impossible either :) 

So, as everyone in the world we're trying to face it.

As you know, our project is based on travelling in many aspects - 

this part of the project is suspended for now. 

We've already postponed our LTTs to a further future. 

Let's hope next year situation gets better.

These days we communicate with each other via WhatsApp, mail,

 Zoom or Google Meet.

Last week we had a video conference, where we talked about situation in our countries and schools. 

We discussed the possible ways of working on the project and finally agreed  to organize Erasmus days in our schools in October with completing a new task that we've named "Five boats on the horizon".

The details of this assignment will be revealed in next post :) Stay tuned.

Us during online meeting :)


poniedziałek, 17 sierpnia 2020

LTT in Lisbon, Portugal


This Mobility was far different from the ones that we had already experienced. Due to pandemy our partners from Italy couldn’t come and our partners from France had to return home earlier. However, we've had a chance to see each other and discuss the situation during online meetings.

But let's start from the beginning :)

Lisbon welcomed us warmly, because the first we saw at the airport were smiling faces of our host students, families and coordinators: Teresa and Albertina.

Monday, 2 March

On the first day of our staying we met the students, teachers and visited the school. We found out how Agrupamento de Escolas Patricio Prazeres work and how the lessons look like.

In the afternoon, we had workshops with teachers: Brigitte Nguen, Joao Rodrigues and Pedro Ferreira, who showed us how to write our travel diaries.  It was extremely inspiring!

Here are some diaries :)

After workshops, we had a relaxing time in a special sensory room. Lots of lights, nice music and dance.



Tuesday, 3 March

That day, we had a nice walk in Lisbon, visiting Tower of Belem, seeing Discoveries Monument and taking lots of photos.

Tower of Belem 


Discoveries Monument 


We also visited Tropical Botanic Garden, where we met photographer Mrs Maria Joao Vale. She gave us useful tips how to take good photos.

There, we met a photographer - Mrs Maria Joao Vale. 
She gave us useful tips how to take good photos.

Wednesday, 4 March

Lisbon has lots of beautiful and interesting places, that’s why, we were discovering the City all day with our project partners.

Thursday, 5 March

In the morning, we had Maths and Geography workshops with teachers: Lurdes Batista, Lurdes Sequeira and Ana Paula Martinho. We worked with the Globe, astrolabe and quadrant.

At the same time students in France worked on this subject, too.

In the afternoon we get on the ferry and crossed the river to visit beautiful museum:

Fragata D. Fernando II e Gloria


Friday, 6 March

In the morning we took a ride in fantastic TUK TUKs :D and we discovered Lisbon from a different perspective. 


It was also a family day, so students spent time with their partners since it was the last day in Lisbon.

Thank you for this Mobility, your thospitality and kindness. It was a wonderful experience :)

Hopefully see you soon!